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Professional Minerals Development has extensive experience in all stages of the mineral exploration and mining operation, both domestic and foreign. Our principals and associates have worked in a wide range of locations with a variety of commodities. We can affiliate with a network of well-stablished industry professionals, thus enabling us to fulfill client requests for services outside our normal consulting practices. The "PMD" strive for technical excellence and always aim to exceed our client's expectations on every project.

Our Geological services include:

  • Resource evaluation and delinations
  • Regional resource potential evaluation
  • 43-101/51-101 Reports
  • Core Logging
  • Data management and QA/QC
  • Geostatistics

Accurate engineering, geological and financial assesments as can be provided by our team are critical to successful mineral resource development. Our experience in exploration, land acquisition, mine development, mining/milling operations, general business, joint ventures and corporate affairs, results in strategies that meet our client's goals through scientifically sound analyses from impartial perspective.

The PMD team is comprised of consultants, engineers and geologists that have a broad range of geological, metallurgical, mining and bussiness experience, knowledge and expertice.
With our experience we can assist in projects virtually anywhere from early stage exploration through to resource estimation, development, operations, project close-out and sustainable enviromental remediation.
PMD has established alliances with other independent industry professionals allowing us to offer to our

  • Gelogical and geophysical interpretation of data
  • Geochemical mapping and interpretation of data
  • Mine valuation
  • Economic Feasibility Forecasts
  • Capital and Project Budgeting
  • Permitting
  • Security Planning

We employ leading-edge technology such as three-dimensional geologic modeling, mine planning, and engineering software to manage analyze the collected data for maximum utilization and value. We have the expertise at planning, managing, and executing the requiere drilling and site data collection, programs to meet our client's objectives. PMD's combination of experiences, technology and best practices result in accelerated accurate and reliable resource assessments that can advance your project from initial financing through to final development.

clients expert geological consulting for minerals exploration and development management services. Technical excellence is at the foundation of everything we do and we aim to exceed client expectations in all services that we offer.

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